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IMG 2021There are plenty of options to replacing siding on your home, from basic vinyl, wood and fiber-cement to engineered wood (LP Smartside) siding.  At Trinity Home Improvement we can help you find a product that can protect and beautify your home for years to come.  Replacing the siding on your home is one of the most visible ways to give your home a new and fresh makeover adding not just curb appeal but future value if you choose to sell down the road.



VINYL SIDING is a great option and is generally the most budget friendly.  The challenges with vinyl are that it can break somewhat easily (especially in cold weather) and some of the less expensive siding can fade over time.  The upside to vinyl is that there is little to no maintenance.  At Trinity Home Improvement we can discuss some options with vinyl that can be more durable and fade resistant.


NATURAL WOOD SIDING is a classic siding that can be stained or painted and is just a beautiful look to any home.  Wood siding does has it's shortfalls however, if not cared for and maintained properly it can rot and can be infested with bugs.  Properly maintained wood siding can last a very long time, but you have to be committed to the regular up keep.  We are happy to discuss some of the options available with wood siding and how it can fit the architecture of your home.


 is a nice product that has been considered one of the better siding in the industry.  Compared to vinyl siding it is more durable, and it has a great fire rating.  The downside to fiber cement is two-fold, it is probably the most expensive siding option and it is not as durable as the engineered wood siding.


 and trim is by far our favorite siding product on the market today.  It is strong, durable, and beautiful (not to mention, less expensive then fiber cement)!  LP Smartside is available in a variety of options from smooth and textured lap siding to panel as well as board & batten.  LP Smartside is rot resistant and termite resistant.  It is the only product on the market that has a 5/50 year warranty and it comes either primed or pre painted.  At Trinity Home Improvement we are proud to be the only Expert Installer recognized by LP here in West Michigan.  Let us show you the benefits of this amazing product and how it can add true beauty and value to your home.