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FCM609C MaplePark 2Updating your Front Entry Door is among the best return-on-investments you can make to your home.  While there are many options (solid wood, steel, and fiberglass) to replacing and updating the front door if your looking for quality and lasting durability then fiberglass is the way to go.  


At Trinity Home Improvement we are dedicated to offering doors that will not only increase curb appeal but add value to your home as well.  Fiberglass doors are available as solid paintable or in a wood grain that can be stained to compliment your home.  Let Trinity Home Improvement replace your door, adding long-lasting durability, beauty and increased energy efficiency.


SOLID WOOD is a beautiful and traditional option that will be sure to add character and value to your home.  One of the benefits to solid wood is that it can be finished and refinished as you desire.  


STEEL doors are among the most common option when people are looking to update their entry.  The options for these doors are nearly endless.  A word of caution though the quality of these doors does vary significantly from manufacture to manufacture.


FIBERGLASS doors have been rated among the best return on investments that you can make to your home.  A quality fiberglass door has a whopping 94 percent return on investment.  These doors are among the longest lasting and most durable on the market today.  They are available in a smooth paintable finish or a wood grain that can be stained.