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Our deck design and construction will meet and exceed any local building codes assuring your deck will not only look great it will be safe for you and your family for years to come.  We are happy to work with you to design and build a deck that looks good and is within your budget, without cutting corners.  At Trinity Home Improvement we can build a traditional (pressure treated) wood deck or a lower maintenance composite deck.


We are a recognized Trex Pro deck installer and have worked with many customers in building  simple decks to designing and building more complex decks.  Trex decking is a fantastic product that we highly recommend. 


If your deciding between composite or pressure treated decking we suggest that you consider this: On average a composite deck costs about twice as much in the upfront cost of the build as a pressure treated deck.  In the ongoing maintenance of a pressure treated deck you can expect that within about 10 years you will be spending the money you saved on the front end pressure washing and staining that deck.  If you neglect the maintence on your pressure trated deck you will decrease the lifespan of your deck by several years and decrese the value of your home.  We suggest that if your not ready financially for the composite deck that you hold off on building and save up to go with a composite deck.


We are also a recognized installer for the Armadillo brand composite decking and we feel that this is a great entry level composite deck brand.


Want something different we recommend looking at our Cellular PVC decking, Veka.  Veka is an excellent alternative to composite decking especially decking that is in direct sun.  One complaint from customers with decks in direct sun is that thier decking gets too warm to walk on in mid-day sun.  Cellualr PVC is a great alternative because it does not retain the heat like other composite decking and even in mid-day sun it's comfortable to walk on in your bare feet.